Top 25 PS3 Anime Fighting Games Of All Time (2021)


Top 25 PS3 Anime Fighting Games Of All Time (2021)

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Mewmore Zelda’s Awakening (The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Remix)
Mewmore – Lake Verity (Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Remix)
DayFox – Bahamas Jam.

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  1. Love your list as usual, though for once my tastes differ somewhat from yours: in that I never much cared for the Jojo's, Dragon Ball, or Naruto fighting games. So my top 10 would basically be the games in your top 20 that don't involve those three. But that's just my taste! To me, the explosion of high-quality anime fighting games during 7th gen is one of three key reasons that the fighting game genre was brought back from the brink of death and is still prospering today. The other two reasons: 1. successful, slow growth of the competitive scene thanks to some dedicated players and sponsors, and 2. the almost magical success of Street Fighter IV.


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