The Evolution of Homeworld From Era 1 and Era 2 To Era 3!? – Steven Universe Theory


The Evolution of Homeworld From Era 1 and Era 2 To Era 3!? – Steven Universe Theory

Let’s explain the progression of Era 1 to Era 2, and figure out Era 3 will look like! What role could Organic Life play?

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  1. Wait sapphire and ruby are from era 2 but garnet can summon weapons???? explainnnnnnnnn (but I might be wrong maybe they’re era 1 gems but then why don’t we ever see ruby and sapphire summon weapons??)

  2. One thing I noticed is that in all history, from the Greek gods, to the gems, to movies. Immortals don’t change. I equate this to something my father says to me: finish better than when you began. That means that if you are say, in a class, give it your all and as long as you leave the room knowing more than you did when you walked in then you did perfectly, even if you learned the least from that class out of everyone. But for immortals the metaphorical class never ends. They have eternity to grow but they don’t because there will be no end so no motivation or change. We become better people because we only have so long on this earth, we wanna make sure that when we are on our death bed we are happy with who we are and what we did. I say this because that’s why blue can’t stop mourning. She has forever to heal and yet as an immortal being it is in her nature not to stop being the way she is

  3. Wait with the new Gem Harvesting we saw in battle of heart and mind and the ejectors having gems on them,and they only stop working when the gem is shattered or cracked so would they be actually gems?

  4. Just going to add a thought, I believe gems(the being) are made from real gems(Minerals) in which the injection fluid is what starts the process of actually making them conscious giving purpose and reason. Rebecca Sugar made the placement of the Kindergarten’s very thoughtful as Amethyst emerge in the Prime Kindergarten, which in the flashback of Pearl and Pink Diamond, we see the Prime Kindergarten is located on the east coast, which is known for its surplus of Amethysts, particularly how large they can be found there. Another example being the Beta Kindergarten, it’s located on the west coast- which again is home to large Jaspers, which are found in sandstone. So in summary, I believe Homeworld chooses location heavily on making a Kindergarten, as they seem to be placed in places where there’s large enough quantities and sizes of gems that they could make a reasonable batch off of a select location. Although the Beta Kindergarten was a rush job, I believe Homeworld just played pin the dart with the select area, it wasn’t planned out to the last inch as the Prime Kindergarten was.

  5. Wait.. I just thought of the reason Jasper hates Rose

    Amethyst and Jasper were both made in the same Kindergarten and after Pinks shattering Blue took all the Amethyst and Jaspers.
    Rose Shattered Pink. Rose shattered Jaspers leader

    You probably thought of when we found out who Rose was cough*Pink Diamond*cough

  6. Maybe because they lack of juice from pink, just like how they heal the corrupted gems. Thats how they evolve. They get weak. Since pinks army are so strong, muscle made soldiers.

  7. I want a Steven universe game where you play as a diamond take over planets and make different gems to help with different things and every time you conquer a planet by collecting all it's resources and making galaxy warps the planet adds to your shrine

  8. I was thinking of this dumb thing like coals are common and only made to make sure the other gems in the kindergarten are safe while forming but rarely come out thEN I REALIZED DIAMONDS USED TO BE C O A L


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