Opal Deserves Better! – Steven Universe


Opal Deserves Better! – Steven Universe

Despite being a fan favorite fusion, Opal hasn’t exactly gotten the star treatment…

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  1. I always kinda saw opal as the balance between complete opposites, which is uncharacteristic of most fusions, and that threw me off, because fusions, later explained, are a combination of gems’ characteristics. Amethyst and Pearl are at constant odds with each other, more or less, so one would think that the worst parts of both of them would show. Instead, Opal is calm, agile, strategic, and overall quiet, and the only thing that can really be drawn back to either of the gems from that personality is Pearl being agile.

    But then again, it’s just a kid’s TV show and they probably didn’t really know where to go with fusion at that point or how the rules of their own creation even worked yet. Then when they realized fusion needed to be better than Opal, they tweaked the rules a bit. It’s just writing. I’m guessing the story lead the writers, rather than the writers leading the story – that it was fluid at that point, not solid.

  2. Personally I love opal for two reasons: 1. Opals are my favourite gem as well as my birth stone, 2. Because of here blank canvas approach it leaves her to interpretation making your version of opal different then mine.

  3. opal seems so gentle, quiet and even more serious than pearl herself, which makes absolutely no sense since neither are quiet and there’s no way a combination involving amethyst would be this gentle or serious. the lack of expanding on her character makes her seem like a reserved person which really doesn’t feel right for a pearl and amethyst combo

  4. Because of Opals rare screentime it is why we find her so interesting. Also remembering the fact that Pearl and Amethyst really dont (didnt) like to fuse very much. Thats why i think its brilliant how she is so rare. Its just realistic.

  5. What if sapphire and ruby arent garnet during the obsidian fusion? Is it a* different obsidian? Is it an entire pther gem as obsidisn relies on rose pearl amethys and garnet, but not ruby and sapphire? Hmmmmmm…


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