Can A Diamond Fusion Be Considered Off Colored!? – Steven Universe Wanted Theory


Can A Diamond Fusion Be Considered Off Colored!? – Steven Universe Wanted Theory

For everyone who may not totally understand what Diamond Fusion would mean for Homeworld, and whether or not a Diamond Fusion can be considered same gem fusion or mixed gem fusion!

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  1. It wouldn't the diamonds are the rulers they can't punish two diamonds like shattering or harvesting having only one diamoand would put gem kind in chaos also you proved yourself wrong if two gems fuse everything from both gems is taken into one form so it has both gems's belongings including if diamonds their courts

  2. when you just came to this video after knowing that Steven wasn’t a quartz and you get so confused at how he said Amethyst and Rose Quartz are both Quartz…. even though it’s common knowledge now that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond

  3. If the three primary colors of the light spectrum (yellow, blue and magenta) become white when combined… Then a fusion of blue, yellow and pink diamond would be a white diamond?

  4. A ruby is just a red sapphire in real life. They are different in the show but in real life, sapphires come in different colors even though they are usually blue when depicted in TV shows. When a sapphire is red, it is called a ruby even though all it is is a red sapphire


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