Alan Watts ~ The Game Of Life


Alan Watts ~ The Game Of Life

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  1. He was one of the few western mystics who , IMO , had a direct experience of what we simply read in the Vedic scriptures ….for most of us it remains nothing more than mental gymnastics but for Allan it became reality itself . A thousand salutations to this great master .

  2. Alan Watts…. Fundamental physics needs to take ancient Chinese wisdom…
    A magnet is a dipole…
    Cutting a magnet cannot lead us to a monopole…
    Yin cannot exit without yang…
    Yang cannot exit without yin..
    They coexist…
    This explains why magnetic monopolies do not exist…

  3. Alan W. WATTS had an I.Q. of 160. That is actually above a gifted individual, it's profoundly gifted. His concepts and ideas can not be ignored. Stephen Hawking had the same I.Q. and he was a genius. What Alan W. Watts had was Power. Power of the mind, so Watts. Indeed.


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