Akame Ga Kill! Game Reveal Trailer (PS4)


Akame Ga Kill! Game Reveal Trailer (PS4)

Akame Ga Kill is about a group of Assassins named – Night Raid, who’s goal is to bring about a revolution against the capital. And to end the corruption caused by the capital.

You are Tatsumi, a swordsman from a underprivileged village, who sets out to find work in the capital so he can support his village and help all his people.

Square Enix joins forces with Activision to create a gaming experience unlike any other PS4 title. Packed with an emotional and bloody campaign and a multiplayer purely made to grind through prestiges with all your favorite beloved characters.

And for the first time, You have fought her…. Now become her!

The General Esdeath DLC lets you take control as the most deadly and feared general in the Imperial Army with two campaigns included: The Cold Past and Revolutionary War.

Also, it includes a brutal difficultly called “The Strong Survive”: a difficulty that lets you play in any campaign and if you die once, the game is over! Along with that, it also has alternate costume skins for every character to use in both the campaign and multiplayer!

And finally, Nightmare: the main story with zombies!

Pre-order the game and you will get access to both the General Esdeath DLC and the Multiplayer Beta!

The Bloodshed begins in 2020….

(This trailer is a joke, although I would love to play it so much!)

I hope you enjoyed this fan-made trailer!

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  1. Imagine Esdeath in a fighting game. She'd be OP. Imagine freezing time and doing combos and shit. Moving like bayonetta in smash bros. The game could be like Dragon ball Fighterz style mechanics or Marvel vs Capcom

  2. You know what this'll be a sick game if it was for real I hate when people make games for really good animes but I think it will be really hard to make this a game you'll probably have to go by the manga

  3. I actually love this even though it's fake and made as a joke this was actually a little commencing. And to top things off even know this will probably never happen I would say you wouldn't want to say never. If you kill la kill managed to come back after a 6 or seven-year. If akame ga kill came out literally one year later after that. I can see this happening a little.

  4. I’m just being completely honest I can’t see Activision and Square Enix making a game together since I’ve played there games and I can’t see them combine two different type of game genres into one and I’m just being completely honest with you there and that’s just what I think

  5. Hmmmm maybe RPG game for both PS and PC, where you can choose side, create your charachter and boom follow same storyline from manga (i like manga more) with some side quests

    Edit: You checked comment fast ;-;

  6. I like how nobody reads the description that says "(This trailer is a joke, although I would love to play it so much!)
    " and "I hope you enjoyed this fan-made trailer!" and then start saying it's fake lmao


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