Zombie Frontier 3 | Gatling Gun Gameplay vs All Bosses


Zombie Frontier 3 | Gatling Gun Gameplay vs All Bosses

Zombie Frontier 3 gatling gun gameplay vs all bosses.

Gameplay video of Gatling Gun in Zombie Frontier 3.

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  1. James G hello.. i need some advice can u guide me pls im a female , i dont know which one i should look evrytime buying a gun? is it its DMG And reload? what is the other function is such F.Rate and clip? 🤗so now im at level 9, i already had m60,mp5,fn short gun, m629 and m19 gun.. so what type of gun should i buy because i dont want to waste my hardwork getting the gems..and bought a wrong gun. is it RAGE, SCAR,GATLING,FAMAS,KSG or UTS 15… i really hope u can reply me sir.. tq in advance🤗

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