Top 10 Best DREAMS Games & Creations You Need to Check Out!


Top 10 Best DREAMS Games & Creations You Need to Check Out!

Dreams, a game where the community makes the games! In this video we look over some cool games people have made including a fan made Fallout 4: Dreams edition and many more!

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  1. I feel a lot of potential it can get from the gaming world, me and my friends have a passion project but we are bad at programming and coding java, c++, c#, etc. and blender/unity can be very complex, making something this good to be exclusive to a console is a big downer.

  2. Flash game is surprisingly slow, your average car can go faster than that and still not be going at full speed.
    All these games are so ugly and mechanically unsatisfying to look at, except maybe the side scrolling shooter. The value of this game really seems to depend on the player base.

  3. I’m currently about to work on a survival dinosaur game like ark don’t know if it’s possible I don’t think it will ever be finished because I can’t model but I did make a game called a superhero game which I’m working on

  4. Love dreams so much and bought it, but what i really really dislik eis that EVERY character has the side movements while changing direction, they should really not have that auto activatet.

  5. So how does dreams not commit copyright like with the fallout 4 game I’m just wondering how they get around that. Like if you went on there and started making Mario or Pokémon what keeps Nintendo off your ass.

  6. I hope this becomes more that just a game, but an entire platform that can be used for the future of gaming. think like the early days of adobe photoshop & premiere, dreams I can see being a platform that becomes a "game building" platform of the future.


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