Nerf War Game : Nerf First Person Shooter – The End (4K-UHD)


Nerf War Game : Nerf First Person Shooter – The End (4K-UHD)

Nerf War The Escape : Cuộc Tẩu Thoát (4K-UHD)

Nerf War: Nhiệm Vụ Giành Lại Hộp PUBG | Phần 1 (4k-UHD)

💒 I’m Tam, director of THD Studio. We are always making Nerf Gun videos, such as Nerf Wars, Nerf First Person Shooters, and Nerf Zombies with acting, doing action Nerf, & going on crazy adventures. My Nerf videos are packed with visual effects, action, and tons of Nerf guns! If it’s Nerf War, Nerf Battle, Nerf FPS, Nerf Zombies, and Nerf Squad, you’ll find it here!

🏆 All my videos are inspired by PDK Films. I’m a BIG fan of Paul Kousky, I like his content so much and I wanted to make my own in his style. Thanks for understanding!

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