I Tested The Best FACIAL STEAMER On Amazon!


I Tested The Best FACIAL STEAMER On Amazon!

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I Tested The Best Facial Steamer On Amazon! Amazon Facial Steamer Review

Hey guys! Today I’m testing out the best facial steamer from Amazon! There are a lot of facial steamers on Amazon, but the nano ionic 3-in-1 facial steamer was the top pick on Amazon, so that’s what I’m using in this video. Facial steaming has so many benefits. It opens up your pores, increases circulation in your skin, and helps your skin to better absorb skincare products after the facial steam. Make sure to watch the entire video to see my FINAL thoughts on this nano ionic facial steamer! Will you be giving it a try??

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  1. I do facial steaming regularly but not too regularly I think it’s really good for you and helped my skin with blemishes but that could also be due to genetics as my family don’t get a lot of acne but I’ve been facial steaming ever since I was twelve and I never got many acne yes you do have to be in a good distance between the steamer due to burning and scaring I love the Harry Potter reference lol but I love facial steaming it’s the one thing I recommend


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