Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation Iris Heart vs Purple Heart (The Challenge Rebellion of Eden)


Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation Iris Heart vs Purple Heart (The Challenge Rebellion of Eden)

This is one of the best fight scenes in the anime & one of the most wanted: Neptune as Puple Heart VS Plutia as Iris Heart. This fight is special because not only does Iris Heart test Neptune in strengh, but also her heart (Honesty.). This scene also shows Iris’s good side, a side that fans rarely remember about her.

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  1. This fight alone cements Iris Heart as the one goddess above the rest. Sure, it makes look Iris Heart look evil, but only without the proper context of the situation that led to it. Once you look deeper into what that fight really meant, you start to see that Iris Heart really was in the right, trying to bring Neptune back to her senses, since Neptune was overcome by the guilt of her own mistreatment of Peashy, and the fact that she couldn't apologize to Peashy because Anonydeath and Rei Ryghts had wiped her memory, and turned her into a CPU to use as the figurehead for their new nation of Eden.

    Iris Heart may be polarizing, and her methods may be unconventional, but as a CPU, she always has the best interest of all those around her in mind. That's why Iris Heart is the number one goddess. She's competent, compassionate, has the power to both attack and defend without fail, and above all else, isn't afraid to take extreme measures in protecting those she cares about, even if it's from themselves.

  2. Mario The Red Wildfire / Luigi The Green Thunder · Edit

    I honestly don't know why some people act surprised to see that Iris Heart has a good side. I mean yes she's a sadist, but her sadist side is mostly only directed at enemies. She has moments where she may do so towards her allies too, but it's more so used as her own unique way of helping them rather than actually wanting to hurt them as shown here with Neptune (who's undoubtfully her best friend). She's always been a good person whether she's Plutie or Iris Heart and it shows very much here

  3. This scene worked in showing that even with her sadism, Iris Heart was still good. As Plutia she's adorable and friendly, and only transforms into Iris Heart when her friends are hurt or she senses lying. Sadism or no sadism, Iris is still a good person, and this scene exemplifies it perfectly.


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