How To Find Emeralds In Minecraft (Fast and Easy)


How To Find Emeralds In Minecraft (Fast and Easy)

This is a quick tutorial video on how you can find emeralds in Minecraft. This is common knowledge to most players but for any new players out there hopefully this will help you get those beautiful green stones.


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  2. Honestly came because I was skeptic about if it was so great, and well, the way emerald ores are so spread, it's better to find a village and trade easy to get resources for Emeralds. I recommend trading sticks to fletchers as the best way to get emeralds, or you could trade wool to shepherds. And there are other effective trades that gets you a full stack of emeralds really fast.

    And also, for the tactic you use mining down, there is a far better way to do it without moving your mouse. Just stand a bit more over one block than the other, but to the point you are still standing over both, and then aim down in an angle where after you mine the block that is most under you, you will start mining the other one as you hold in the button to mine. This will also speed up the process as you will start mining as soon as you are able to rather than using that time moving the mouse over.


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