Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers – All Cutscene Movie (English) (1080p)


Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers – All Cutscene Movie (English) (1080p)

All cutscenes for DW: Godseekers. I recorded these as I played the game myself, so I’ve included the in-stage cutscenes that aren’t shown in the gallery and they’re all in chronological order.

In NG+, the intermissions are changed slightly. Lei Bin speaks instead of Lixia, but since that’s all that changes and I’d have to beat the game AGAIN before I can get the footage for those scenes, I kept them out. Instead I just kept Lixia’s intermissions in. I may make a separate video showing all of Lei Bin’s intermissions later.

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  1. I love this game~. Lei Bin's in my top three favorite DW characters, though this isn't all the cutscenes. There are ten more where beating the game a second time under the same saved file will unlock narrative dialogue being told in Lei Bin's perspective.

  2. Ah, nice compilation of the game's cutscenes. (I myself uploaded all the Path of Destiny events to try and do a good deed for anyone interested in them.) Despite the game flopping in Japan, I had a nice amount of fun with it. I wouldn't mind, say, Lixia showing up as a DLC character in Musou Stars. It's implied that she fought with her orbs in the past.


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