DotA2 – Know Thy Pro – Epi.8 – FATA on PUCK


DotA2 – Know Thy Pro – Epi.8 – FATA on PUCK

A New Series Based on Heroes played by Professional Players. Enjoy!

Have any good Pro scenes to submit? do it here :

Machinima Sound – Depravity

Gregoire Lourme – Dragon Fight

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  1. To all the people saying 'this is nothing special' or 'i can do better', yeah it isn't, which is why these pros are in tournaments, earn 200x more than you do and have a family/life. If u can do better, go to TI and get ur ass kicked by the weak teams.

  2. I bet every Know Thy Pro must have annoying bugs with comments like "this is nothing special" "i can do better". Disgusting attitude. These videos are merely a glimpse of many2 gameplay by pro players. It does not matter if it's impressive or not. You might play waay better like you claimed, but you don't matter, so nobody cares!

  3. No offense to dfx, cos I love their content, but this is just normal puck play, there's absolutely nothing exceptional about it, what's exceptional is that he got caught in the wrong position by the enemy so many times, if people just had a shaman, a lion or even an ogre magi then he'd be dead easily.

  4. know thy pro? my ass! those guys we against noobs 

    when you're against puck, what do you do? orchid 
    or you pick someone with slience 

    those guys they fought against were tier trash players 
    nothing more nothing less 


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