Dota 2 Hero Spotlight – Elder Titan


Dota 2 Hero Spotlight – Elder Titan

Elder Titan –

Elder Titan from Dota 2. A short introduction to the hero performed by SUNSfan.

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  1. this is probably sa slowest hero in DOTA 2 not hating but
    it really sucks when you play this hero trust me
    yeah he is powerful tho but in chances of close ranged enemies they can dispell the echo stomp
    even with ancestral spirit nearby

  2. And now he got a buff which make his Earth Splitter a 50% max hp dmg which is good combination for refresher. Get it… A 100% max hp damage which again can "one hit" 5 heroes with 0 armor and 0 magic resistance…

  3. It should be a given that this hero is not the kind of hero that works alone, his stuns and damage output are great, but he needs to be set up.
    Pair him bottom with a hero who has great support capabilities (Crystal Maiden: Mana + a stun) and he can become pretty unstoppable.
    Learn some skill, folks.
    Any hero is complete trash; Huskar, I have seen some terrible Huskar players. It depends on the builds and how you use him. Huskar is an independent fighter, Titan is a team fighter tank.

  4. i find this hero a really good aura keeper since his passive with AC can be devastating for heroes that rely on stats for armor such as riki and morphling, otherwise the disables are ridiculous and his astral spirit buff if well placed can make him go MLG hard carry for a few seconds


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