Captain America and The Avengers LongPlay (NES)


Captain America and The Avengers LongPlay (NES)

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  1. It took me quite a while to beat this game. I remember I would play this a lot as a kid, a friend had this game and we played a lot of versus mode, then he lost the game.
    A few years later I traded with some other kids one of my games for another copy of this game and I think it took me about a week to finally finish the game. Great times!

  2. howd you get through Boise without having to fight the mini boss and the gang fight in the hallway next to him?! lol. i finally beat the boss and got wrecked as hawkeye on the way back out. do u have to use cap the whole way without changing?

  3. These solo games per cartridge were so expensive back then like i would save up a whole 4 or 3 months to buh 2 babies of these
    I remember my first one was a very cool version of tmnt story mode and a pvp it was awsome


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