ANOTHER New Update Version 1.34 | NEW HORSES | Dynasty Warriors 9 |


ANOTHER New Update Version 1.34 | NEW HORSES | Dynasty Warriors 9 |

Because of course there is. Well time to play some DW9 with my girl Yinping! KJOEE88: Omiza SOmi: …

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  1. i feel like DW9 was designed to be an empires game but then they said

    "wait…this is encroaching too much on empires…take all the stuff out and ship it as empty garbage so people can buy that, then we can sell the game again with all the stuff put back in and call it EMPIRES"

    that said it only really needs a few things to make me a happy player.. i want to be able to choose the appearance of my top tier weapon so that im not forced to use a wei themed weapon on my shu character because the top tier weapon is for pang de instead of Guan Yinping for instance, there are many more examples. and i really want the characters to have the option for the special and musou to change with weapon..

    so long story short i think that if DW9 had all the beautiful things and options that EMPIRES titles have, i would absolutely love this game, no questions. DW9 was made perfectly to be an empires game, it really just does feel gutted from the getgo, the games trailer was a dead giveaway at character creation, but they obviously went back on that idea so they could make us pay twice.


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